Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Foward Operating Base Finley-Shields

A long time ago I received a comment on the blog asking me to post pictures of the FOB. This soldier was friends with one of the soldiers who the FOB is named after.

It's taken me long enough, but here are the pictures. We are very lucky as we have one of the nicest, if not the nicest FOBs in Afghanistan. This FOB used to be a R&R destination for Russian soldiers in the 1980s and there are a lot of permanent structures, which is a luxury in a war zone. When the US "discovered" this area, they spent many years and dollars renovating the buildings and turning it into a base. There is also a lot of green, which is again rare for Afghanistan.

The main entrance to the FOB.

For a while we had some puppies, but they have since found a better home.

The gym, where I spend a considerable amount of time working off the unlimited supply of Baskin Robbins ice cream.

A nice porch where you can take an hour of your day and play some ping pong.

The CE lair. If it looks messy, that's because we're busy!

The Hotel. Need I say more?

I posted this picture in an earlier blog, but I did not mention that this is the garden.


  1. Thank you Jenna for posting those pictures and thank you for serving our country. My son is stationed there now after being at FOB Torkham for 6 months and it is nice to see his accomodations, although he is in a B-hut. Again thank you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Hi Jena You have posted nice pictures from Jalalabad Afghnaitan.
    I am also from Jalalabad and i like your pictures.

    In fact i have downloaded some of them.

    I am in UK and i have brother that work in airport too, probably you have come across to him.

    If you would like to communicate then my e-mail contact is



  3. I was at Finley Shields from December 2008- November 2009. By far the niceset FOB as far as I could tell in our AO. Been to all the others in Nangarhar Province. I was with ADT II Missouri National Guard.