Friday, January 8, 2010


Scott and I only have a couple more days left for our R&R break. I'm just about ready to call the experience a success, as I do not have shrapnel or holes in my body like the other engineers on the team. Yes, the PRT was hit with a landmine of some sort about a week ago while on an engineering mission and some of the team members got roughed up a bit. But I'm told everyone is okay. They are lucky, because children and police were killed during the attack.

Since I'm admitting this, I might as go ahead and explain how I was on a convoy that was hit with an IED. It happened in early November and we were on the way back from the mission when one of our trucks took a baby IED. I wasn't in the truck...I was very far away but I heard the explosion and saw the cloud of smoke. I think my heart literally stopped and the next two minutes were the scariest of my life. I kept on waiting for the secondary attack, but thankfully it never came. Luckily, everyone was okay, no injuries, and we only had to replace the tire on the truck.

So now everyone will worry about me as I head back to Afghanistan for the final two months. But please don't! I know that Scott and I are being protected. Too many uncanny things have happened for me not to know that we will be okay.

Overall, R&R has been fun and relaxing. I would be lying if I said it was easy to come home. At times I wanted to go back to Afghanistan so I could resume a routine...something stabilizing. I think it will be easier when I'm home for good and have to go to work!

The weather is incredibility cold and snowy, especially since I'm used to 70 degree weather. But Scott and I managed to get out of the house to visit Norwich and Nottingham, both cities having 11th century castles. We also ate out a lot and I had forgotten what real food tastes like (and alcohol!).

So the next time I'll be back in Afghanistan, looking forward to receiving all those school supplies!

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