Friday, June 5, 2009

Introducing Capt Scott Wilcox

Yesterday Scott officially became a Captain! I am so proud of him and his promotion ceremony was extremely memorable. Scott's been waiting for this for a long time and he's more than ready to be a Captain. Most of my good ideas come from him anyway. I am so happy I was there and able to pin him on. We've missed birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, but we've never missed a promotion.
Scott's birthday was yesterday and I think he had a good birthday considering he couldn't leave the post and couldn't drink alcohol. He received a lot of nice gifts and his PRT even had a pool party that day.

Going back in time a little, our STX was pretty good. I got to go out on a mission and we got attacked. The shortest person on our security forces team threw me to the ground and I got a huge bruise on my arm. It was awesome! They told me to stay put and not shoot back, which is actually a shame as I could have killed 'em all! We took a casualty with a gun shot wound to the leg. We transported him back to the base and doc was there waiting to patch him back up.
We are currently in the middle of civilian-military training. The training has useful info, but it's painfully boring. Luckily we are taking some time off from training to recharge our batteries before our final exercise, the mission readiness exercise (MRX). Only 12 days and a wake-up until we're outta here!

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  1. Congrats Scott and belated Happy Birthday!

    Lynn, Jim & Natalee