Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hugs at the ECP

I'm several days behind in my posts. Work is very busy and I have to wait in line to use the internet, so please be patient. I have a feeling I will never get caught up.

Several days ago I had to pick some paperwork up at the entry control point (ECP) on the base. Many children hang around the ECP and a little Pashto goes a long way. As I approached a group of about ten boys I started speaking to them in Pashto. When it was time for me to leave, one little boy asked me for a hug. After I gave him a hug, a lined formed and all these little boys wanted hugs! I hugged about eight of them and at least one of them twice. It was adorable! As I was walking away, they said they loved me. And I told them I love them too. Their response was they love me three and four and five.


  1. hold as many hands and give as many hugs as you can, A.Margie

  2. We want a hug, too!