Saturday, April 25, 2009

Choke Your Boss Day

It's not everyday you get to choke your boss. Today we had a two hour combatives class that started at 0500. It was very similar to the training I had at USAFA, so it was a lot of fun and I was ahead of the power curve. I was partenered with my boss and I got to choke her and put her in an arm bar. One of the guys in our class volunteered to be choked to sleep and it was weird to see him flop around on the floor. At the end of the class we did three, two minute sparing sessions. It was stran ge to do that with guys, but I think I suprised all of them. I even got two of the three to tap out with a choke (my personal favorite).

After class we did training on the Blue Force Tracker (BFT). It's a computer system that works off of GPS and displays friendly and enemy forces on the battlefield. We'll be using it when we roll outside the wire. Tomorrow we will roll out in humvees and play with a live system. I will post pictures!

Yesterday we were issued weapons and magazines. So my new best friend for the next 11 months is my M-4 and 9MM. I haven't named them yet.

Scott is doing well. He went on a five mile road march yesterday and he said it went well. We usually get to see each other a couple times a day, which is nice.

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