Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three Bad Haircuts

Yesterday Scott received three bad haircuts and the end product is below. Now we both look like little basic cadets (doolies). The picture was taken before our nightly walk. Every night we try to get together at 9pm to walk around the base (or post, as the Army likes to call it) for some alone time. The last couple of nights have been beautiful and last night we got a great view of two helicopters practicing medical evacuations.

Today was our last day of combatives class. We fought three, three minute rounds and I got beat up. I hyperextended my arm a little bit because I was caught in a straight armbar and didn't want to tap out. I was able to get out of it, but my arm's a little sore. In the below picture we're practicing throws and it was my turn to hit the mat.We also finished our radio training today. It was pretty dry, but now I can program three different kinds of radios. Tomorrow we're supposed to have most of the day off, so I'm going to get all my gear and weapons in order. It's hard to believe how much stuff we've been issued since starting this process.

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  1. HI Had a fish fry with your parents who passed out pictures. my thought goes with this blog - "Scott gets better looking every time I see his pictures" A. Margie