Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We're in the Army Now

Life in the Army is very different! Camp Atterbury is considered to be a forward operating base, so it's like we are already deployed. We are not allowed to have any fun (drink alcohol, wear civilian clothes, possess pornography, leave the base, drive or ride in a personally owned vehicle). The Army also does a lot of waiting around. We were told to be at Camp Atterbury on 31 March when our class doesn't start until 2 April. Today Scott and I tasted Army food at the chow hall, used the computers at the USO and worked out at the gym, which is actually pretty nice. Scott and I are not allowed to visit each other's barracks, so...

Tomorrow our cultural and language class starts. I will write more about that later and post some pictures of my barracks.


  1. sounds like the army just doesn't know how to have fun!!!Aunty Kathy

  2. No pornography? Can you still get out of this whole 'military' thing or are you locked in like a cell contract? :p

    I'm kidding, of case you didn't register the sarcasm. I like your posts Jenna, keep it up!