Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My First Letter

Yesterday I received my first letter in the mail from Aunt Margie! Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the picture and I will hang it in my office. I also appreciate all the comments on the blog. I'm glad people enjoy reading it and sharing my experiences. A lot of people have also been asking what they can send me in a care package. I am compiling a list and I will send it soon.

A couple days ago we attended a ribbon cutting for newly paved streets in Jalalabad. It was an interesting event, but the best part was talking to t
he little kids in Pashto. A little goes a long way and I'm excited to learn more. The only thing about little kids in Afghanistan is that they all want attention and if you're talking to one or two kids the next thing you know you are surrounded!
This little boy wanted a picture of the two of us and held my hand!

This is a picture of some of the kids who surrounded me, I couldn't fit all of them in the photo

Here's a picture of our security forces (SECFOR) after the ceremony with some "flair"

This is one of the footbridges under construction; holding up form work with sticks is very common in Afghanistan


  1. Jenna, It sounds like you are having an amazing experience so far. You are doing what all Americans should be doing touching others in a warm and positive way. You are in our thoughts always. Sue

  2. Hold all the hands you can. A.Margie