Monday, July 20, 2009

Six Percent Complete

I know it's a terrible thing, but I am already starting to countdown how many days I have left. It's not that I don't like being in Afghanistan--I really do. And if I wasn't married to the best man in the world I would probably stay here as long as I could. I really believe in what we are doing and that we are making a difference. Unfortunately the media does not report all the good things that are happening here. True, there still are bad guys out there intimidating the population, but there is resistance and reconstruction.

I've added some more pictures. A couple days ago we went to one of the more dangerous parts of our province and were met by children in the street waving at us and giving us the thumbs up sign. It was a good feeling.

We were also fortunate enough to be invited by the Jalalabad Mayor to his compound for dinner. The Afghans treat their guests very well and I received a beautiful purple dress and green head scarf. The Mayor also presented a beautiful dinner with enough food to feed a village. I tried goat for the first time and it was wonderful!

On the roof of the Jalalabad Mayor's guest house

I think this picture is pretty self explanatory

The guest house grounds at night; it's a big deal to have electricity in Afghanistan

The spread for dinner

Me in an MRAP during one of our missions


  1. HI - well we have heard about the 3 r's - so now it's 2 r's resistance and reconstruction. As for the media - well - what they don't know about goat won't hurt them. A. Margie

  2. WOW... I am jealous of another part of Afghanistan... I just got back for the second worst part of our province and the sub-governor told us he didn't want us to stay for tea because he was afraid the Big T would plant suprises for us on the way back. The streets where busy when we got there and empety when we left. Plus the road was the road from hell...