Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Pictures

Here are some of the pictures I promised from our journey to Afghanistan!We flew via World Air from Indianapolis to Manas Air Base. We stopped in Germany to refuel and get beer. It was my last drink for several months, so I didn't mind drinking at 4am. We were allowed to take guns on the plane, so that was pretty cool.This was my living accommodations at Manas. There's a big tent for all the transients, but there weren't too many females in there. It was a little eerie at times to see this big ocean of unoccupied beds.This is me after we loaded all our bags onto the pallet for our flight to Bagram.This is a picture of the load yard. It doesn't even include all the bags on our flight. The load yard was a busy place!Here's a picture of me and our senior medic on the C-17 to Bagram.
And this is the inside of the C-17. It was strange not being able to see outside of the plane. I got to sit in the jump seats, which looked a lot more comfortable than the seats in the middle.

Right now at the FOB we are doing turn over and it's going well. There's really nothing too exciting to talk about. I will take lots of pictures of the FOB and post them on the site soon. I will also be heading out on my first mission soon, so I will let everyone know how that goes.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. They are very instructive. I am paying close attention because you are there. Love, A. Margie

  2. WOW The pictures are really great. I am going through a little bit of a prosess thinking about you in afghanistan. Hard to believe. the pictures are helping. My thought process.

    Lots of Love A.Kathy

  3. You are so lucky you were on a C-17...and your hair just seems to be getting shorter!! Looks like you are having fun...hopefully we'll cross paths in a couple months...we'll see, (I'll keep you posted!)