Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Army Trains, the Air Force Teaches

So the past several days have been busy. We've been playing with crew served weapons and doing convoy training. We weren't able to use live rounds during the convoy as a result of the below picture. It's a shame that the first time will be in country. In the above picture Adam, our intel officer, puts together a 240B heavy machine gun.

In this picture, our PRT doctor takes some much needed rest from training.
Today we've been working on our combat lifesaver (CLS) certification. It's mostly care under fire and tactical field care...applying a tourniquet, opening an airway and bandaging a sucking chest wound. I put an IV in Melissa, but it took me two tries. Afterwards, she tried to put an IV in me, but went through my vein (I did the same thing to her, so it's only fair). And then my veins were declared unusable by the instructor and she put an IV in someone else. I will post pictures soon!
Tomorrow is our last day of CLS and then we'll be doing land navigation. It's hard to believe that we only have three weeks left in our training.

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