Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Want My Desk Back

Yesterday was a hard day of training. After running through tick infested woods and throwing myself down on the ground in mud, water and allergy-inducing grass I had just about enough. I miss my desk! I miss receiving classroom instruction indoors. JLo asked me how I like the "grunt world." Yesterday was my breaking point. But today things were better. We did some classroom instruction on convoys and then tomorrow we'll be actually rolling out in the vehicles.

We also did HUMVEE rollover training. I was not able to participate because of my neck injury. It looked like fun though. Scott was really worried about me going through the training, so I know that made him happy.


  1. remember, you're a warrior women
    A. Kathy

  2. lol, mom's comment made me remember the pink sword you used to have Jenna...and I wanted to duel you, but i didn't have a sword. Uncle peter broke off a huge icicle that hung from your front porch and we had to duel before it melted. Arguably, giving me a huge sharp icicle was probably a bad idea...ahahah

  3. I want you to know Jenna that I continue to read your postings with great interest. What will happen next? A. Margie

  4. This post is for JJ.
    A.Kathy is not your Mom but the Kathy from the other side of the family. Keep posting about my brother Peter, (that wild and crazy guy.) I love those stories.
    Love A. Kathy