Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Other Side of Camp Atterbury

The past several days have been very busy. We learned essential Army tasks like setting up a Claymore mine and throwing hand grenades. The Army guys couldn't believe that we've never touched or heard of Claymore mines before. Throwing hand grenades was fun, but anti climatic since they were duds.

Then we went to the field. It was not the Army's version of the "field" from what I've been told. We lived in tents but they were nice and all our amenities were nice too. We had great training out there! We manned the entry control point (ECP) to the contingency operation location (COL) and I got to search all the females coming on post. We also learned how to clear a room and building, which is fun in training and terrifying in real life. We also learned about improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and drove an IED lane where we were trying to spot them. We did pretty well but I got blown up by one on a foot patrol.
Now I am back at Camp Atterbury proper. Scott and I were in the field at the same time, so we got to see each other. He'll be back tomorrow night. Our dates for leave at the end of the training have been confirmed and we are spending it in San Francisco. We even get to celebrate our anniversary together while we are there!

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  1. I am always happy to read that you and scott have some time together. have fun in San fran.
    Love A. Kathy